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Windows 8 Mania Begins: Buy Microsoft’s New Operating System and Surface Tablet Today

October 26, 2012 Announcements 2 Comments
Microsoft Surface

Earlier this morning, at midnight to be precise, Microsoft launched it’s brand new operating system, Windows 8. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s biggest, most ambitious Windows launch ever as Microsoft tries to reinvent Windows with a new look and feel that is more akin to Windows Phone 7/8 than it is to Windows 7.  Windows 8 will also be Microsoft’s first attempt at creating an OS (operating system) that will work on a tablet, will tie into Windows Phone 8 as well as their home entertainment system, the Xbox, while creating one cohesive and extensive ecosystem that can only be matched by the likes of Apple and Google.  For more information on Windows 8, click HERE

Not only is Microsoft launching their brand new operating system today, but they are also launching their first attempt at building hardware for their inconceivably successful Windows OS, the Surface.  Surface is a tablet that Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s CEO) said is to “prime the pump” for their partners (Samsung, Dell, HP, ASUS, etc.); to get people excited about Windows 8 as well as the benefits Windows 8 provides when used on a tablet (and Windows RT, which is the version of Windows 8 that will be running on the Surface.  For more information on Windows RT, click HERE). There is a lot more to say about the Surface but we will get to that next week.  

Microsoft’s partners will also be able to start selling Windows 8/RT devices starting today, so if the surface doesn’t float your boat, I’m sure there is another type of Windows device that is right up your alley.  

Has anyone bought, or downloaded, Windows 8 yet?  Are you perhaps waiting to see if all the kinks have been worked out before upgrading?  Or has anyone jumped in head first and bought the Surface tablet?  Sound off in the comments!

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